Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Do You Have A Copy Of Your Life Map?

We all come in with a plan. We choose our life purpose, our life lessons and we have soul contracts, or agreements that we must honor.  We have karmic obligations and we have our path of destiny. All of this is contained in a comprehensive life plan which is like a road map of your life.

For example you might have a life purpose of Caretaker, and your life lesson may be Patience. There might be a soul contract with your spouse that involves Forgiveness. Now let's see how these elements might play out.

As a caretaker you want to help and care for others, this is a natural drive. However, the danger is to give too much and not balance it by giving to yourself. Due to the life lesson of patience there is a sense of impatience about much of life, this may manifest in terms of annoyance with small things such as long lines, paying bills, traffic. Without working on this annoyance it can increase and turn into anger and frustration. Finally, with the Forgiveness contract in place chances are at some point your spouse is going to hurt you, or may have hurt you in a past lifetime.

Without the knowledge of your life map this all seems rather unfair and hard to understand. Here is what you would need to know. Your habit of annoyance is caused by the need to slow down, to become patient with life and learn to apply this patience in every situation in your life, then you will be working through your lesson. Your need to forgive your spouse is why you feel difficult emotions around this partner. Above all else there is a strong drive to care for others the universe will bring in opportunities for you to live this life purpose, it always has but once issues such as patience and forgiveness are resolved these opportunities will be more apparent.

Knowing our life maps makes everything fall into place, we know why we are going through what has happened and is happening and we have a clear picture of where we are going, our destiny.



Joy's Readings

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Soul Contracts, We All Have Them But What Are They?

We have life charts, life purposes, soul mates, life lessons, past lives, karma but we also have soul contracts. Agreements made between us and other souls about our work together. We have several contracts with different people, parents, siblings, romantic partners, children, friends, I have seen agreements between people with their pets as well. 

These agreements can involve karma, what we did or didn't do in a past life when we lived with these people before. The agreements will often have themes, such as family, marriage, support, love, helper, role model, teacher and so on. If for some reason a soul contract is not honored the agreement is generally realized in a future lifetime. It is always best to complete them within this lifetime 

How do we know if we have a soul contact with someone? There will be a feeling of fate between you. You are drawn together, the universe opens a pathway for this to happen. Soul contracts are agreements so sometimes they can be negative such as when two people are caught in a destructive power struggle. Yet, typically I see them as positive and important to carry out agreements that two souls make for the betterment of their time here in this lifetime,

We go through a complex series of agreements, planning, mapping and coordinating before coming here. These plans involve all the people we will meet while here, the karma, lessons, contracts and everything in between. Free will fills in the rest, there are still plenty of choices to make and we can even steer off of our path, entirely going against our souls wishes, although it feels like we are swimming against the current if we do. The best approach is to follow the urges of your soul, when you know someone is right or something is right go with it. When you know that you need to be doing something else, change it. Our main goal here is to to be loving and supportive to one another. The soul contracts we have are just one of the many ways in which we do this.

Joy Thomas

Monday, January 5, 2015

Nature Spirits

If answers are what you seek, go to nature to find them. Anyone can do this but it does take a certain willingness and openness to receive the answers. The first requirement is solitude, to break away from the busy world and go where things are slower, more simple. Find the right space and allow yourself to let go.

Signs in nature vary and they will be different from person to person. To you a crow may be a sign of warning to me a crow or a raven is a sign of manifestation. They are black, like the dark night when all the world is asleep and dreams dominate the land. This is the time for manifestation, this is the time when mystery reigns. That is why so many ceremonies are held at night, under the sacred moon it is a fertile time. Crow and raven remind me of this.

Perhaps you will see a hawk, and this can represent seeing with a keen eye, it may be mean to search within and to do so leaving no stone unturned. Other times seeing a hawk can mean to watch the people and events around you closely, that there is more than meets the eye. If hawk is a totem animal it is likely a sign to remember this and to pay close attention to your dreams as well as your ideas and inspirations, for often these are placed on your path for you by your totem.

Nature itself holds many signs wind, snow, rain, clouds all of these can carry a certain vibration that you can pick up on. Tune into the sound of the wind, what does it make you feel like? Watch the falling snow, see how it glistens on the ground, what does it inspire? The idea is to get back to your core and to let go of the reactions you may have regarding your life circumstances, let these slip away, focus on the signs of nature and allow yourself to re-group and begin again.

To help you along this path I offer a Nature Spirits Reading  to connect you with your nature spirits and pass along their messages to you.