Monday, January 5, 2015

Nature Spirits

If answers are what you seek, go to nature to find them. Anyone can do this but it does take a certain willingness and openness to receive the answers. The first requirement is solitude, to break away from the busy world and go where things are slower, more simple. Find the right space and allow yourself to let go.

Signs in nature vary and they will be different from person to person. To you a crow may be a sign of warning to me a crow or a raven is a sign of manifestation. They are black, like the dark night when all the world is asleep and dreams dominate the land. This is the time for manifestation, this is the time when mystery reigns. That is why so many ceremonies are held at night, under the sacred moon it is a fertile time. Crow and raven remind me of this.

Perhaps you will see a hawk, and this can represent seeing with a keen eye, it may be mean to search within and to do so leaving no stone unturned. Other times seeing a hawk can mean to watch the people and events around you closely, that there is more than meets the eye. If hawk is a totem animal it is likely a sign to remember this and to pay close attention to your dreams as well as your ideas and inspirations, for often these are placed on your path for you by your totem.

Nature itself holds many signs wind, snow, rain, clouds all of these can carry a certain vibration that you can pick up on. Tune into the sound of the wind, what does it make you feel like? Watch the falling snow, see how it glistens on the ground, what does it inspire? The idea is to get back to your core and to let go of the reactions you may have regarding your life circumstances, let these slip away, focus on the signs of nature and allow yourself to re-group and begin again.

To help you along this path I offer a Nature Spirits Reading  to connect you with your nature spirits and pass along their messages to you.