Monday, August 25, 2014

Past Lives, Who Was I? Why Did I Come Back?

Have I lived before? Who was I? Why do I keep coming back? Have I known the same people I know now as I did in the past?

These are big questions and very important ones. Not to step on anyone's religious toes :) but from what I have seen doing readings and working with guides for many years now, everyone has had past lives. I am sure there are exceptions, I personally however, have not yet seen one. For the most part, we do come back and we do it frequently. This then begs the questions, why?

We come back to get it right simply put, to perfect our souls. Of course, they are already perfect, this is true, but we all must reach a state of enlightenment, a point of evolution where we no longer need to exist in bodies at all. Many people have already achieved this but return in order to help others achieve the same goal. Ultimately, the wheel of karma keeps turning until every soul reaches enlightenment. We are in this together all the way.

As for who you were, this question has many answers, for we have lived many, hundreds or even thousands of lives. Chances are if you feel a draw to a certain time period, country, culture or historical event you are likely remembering a past life. Individually, we come back for many reasons. Most of the time we have unfinished business with people and so we build our life plans around tying those loose ends up. Unfortunately, even the best plans can and do run into some trouble, once we get here to the playing field of life we don't always follow the plan. We get distracted, we get pulled into other directions, we fall into low energy patterns such as alcohol, drug abuse, or other addictions. We can be abused, traumatized, or in other ways damaged so that we are too wounded to try to live out our souls plan. These events result in carry over which means that from lifetime to lifetime we can carry over traumas and other memories that are in need of our attention. Therefore, today, you can still be carrying a wound that you incurred in lets say France during their revolution, perhaps you were part of a peasant revolt and you were killed. While the revolt was an important political event chances are you had a life that didn't revolve around that revolt and it all suddenly ended because of that external factor. Now the people, lessons, plans you had for that lifetime need to be planned again in order for you to finish what you had started. We share many lives with the same people, but it is not limited to a certain group. Anytime your life is cut short by an external factor, a famine, an act of nature such as a volcanic eruption, tsunami, earthquake, fire, and so on, you are murdered, you die of an illness such as the plague, yellow fever, influenza or any of the variety of deadly pathogens we have seen throughout history, these events cut short what we had planned. Many times they will create fears in our present life that we do not understand. Someone who died of food poisoning can have a phobia around germs or food being tainted. They may have digestion problems and other physical symptoms as well. All carried over from the past. If you have a fear of water you may have drowned or otherwise traumatized by water in a past life. A fear of public speaking can have ties back to lifetimes where you were persecuted for your beliefs. You can begin to see the intricate web of connectivity between the past and the present. Imagine, just the baggage you have picked up from this lifetime, now stop and think of all the baggage you are potentially carrying from past lives. All the memories, habits, experiences, all the joy and all the pain. This is why we come in with a sort of amnesia over our past lives. We cannot even truly fathom where and who we have been. Yet, there is carry over in the subconscious that we cannot hide from, it affects us even though we are not aware of its existence at all. Many of your bad habits, beliefs, attitudes and preferences do not come from this lifetime at all, they come from your past lives because who you were is embedded so deeply into your souls consciousness that it can never be erased. It is sitting there, a perfect record of everything you have ever seen, done, lived through and all the feelings that go along with that.

In fact, there is a place where all of this memory is stored, outside of our souls consciousness a place where everyone's memories are stored along with records of everything that has ever happened. The Akashic Records. This storehouse of knowledge is located on the other side, it is accessible to anyone who can enter it, with training I believe we can all enter it. When I first visited the Akashic I was only given access to a small part of it. Later, I was given access to much more and I was shocked to see the immensity of this library, where rows and rows of "books" exist in a multi-leveled building. There are still parts I am sure I have yet to see, it is that vast. When I do an Akashic Reading I ask to see a person's individual record, their book of life. I am then able to view this file of sorts and read it, generally what will come up is the most relevant information to the person. A past life or two and perhaps some information about overarching themes or lessons that need to be known.

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Jocelyn Joy

Friday, August 22, 2014

A Call For Peace

With all the upsetting events in the world today I feel compelled to write a brief spiritual explanation mainly to help myself process everything if this helps anyone else then my endeavor is not entirely without purpose. If you look to history there has always been violence and intolerance. It doesn't matter so much the time or the culture, examples in the ancient world or the modern world are prevalent. We can think of countless examples to bolster such points but what is going on at a spiritual level? There is the clashing of power, the drive for it is something quite yearned for by young souls. Young souls identify with nations and organized religions as sources of identity and strength. Older souls see the futility of such endeavors but are still caught up in the display of events. World events appear to me, to repeat themselves in varying degrees as if they are continual lessons that everyone must take until finally the last of us has had enough.

Have we not had enough?

Why the attack on people who are "different" for being the "wrong" race, gender, having a certain political or religious affiliation, sexual orientation, pick your intolerance? Why? The answer is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of change. If we accept one intolerance then we will have to accept them all and god forbid we do something like that. Fear is a great motivator it keeps people in order the powers that be understand this and they perpetuate fear. But you do not have to listen. You do not have to subscribe to their fear mongering agenda another moment. If there is anything in you that feels that it is wrong to judge anyone for their own personal beliefs, lifestyle, religious practices and so on then follow that feeling. Run with it, take off and change break away from the herd. The world needs you to.

Intolerance must end.

Today can be a day like any other or if you decide it can be a day where you decide to change, on the inside.A day where you decide that you personally, will no longer tolerate the obscene hate filled agenda of the masses. No matter how it is manifesting, through police violence, war, bullying, a racist comment, or the passing down for one generation to the next of a mindset of fear; decide today to no longer accept this. That you are disgusted with this old way of being, you see the power struggle built within and it is no longer ok. It simply no longer resonates with who you are.

One person at a time.

It happens just like that one person deciding that we can't go on this way any longer. One person deciding to choose love over hate,  courage over fear. One person leading by example in small ways, large ways, in any way we can.

Make the decision to change.

Next week will mark the 51st anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's I Have a Dream speech delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. His dream was about racial harmony, but his transmission, the essence of what he was communicating was about total equality, radical  acceptance and absolute harmony for all. His soul was communicating to us these high ideals, a true potential for humanity. It was about letting go of the need for power and surrendering to a higher power. Allowing that to guide us rather than our fears, our hate, our need to be right, to win. Martin Luther King was a visionary and he was killed for it. If that isn't enough to make you want to change I don't know what is.


Monday, August 18, 2014

What Is Your Life Purpose?

When I was first on my spiritual path, I remember being gripped by the desire to know what my reason for coming here was, what is my life purpose? I read books on the topic, articles, meditated to get answers. I wanted to know what my individual purpose was, my own challenges, goals and reasons for being here. It can be difficult to find this out for yourself, any reading for yourself can be challenging but at this time I was not practiced in readings at all, I just wanted to know!

I was fascinated by the idea of having a reason for being here. I wanted to make sure that I got busy and did whatever work it was that had brought me here. It wasn't enough to trust I would just be doing it because the truth was at that time in my life I really didn't feel as if I was doing what I was meant to do. That was why I was so curious to find out.

As I learned, we all have a purpose for being here. These purposes are shaped by many things. The unique karmic residue we come in with, the goals we wish to attain, the people we have included in our lives and the lessons we must go through. While a life purpose is usually not likely to change in a lifetime we can move through them and onto something else, we usually reach different levels within them rather than to complete them. Some people have them written in their chart as a word or group of words, such as counselor, caretaker, musician, healer. Others will only have the general field such as, healing profession, music, children. This is because we choose whether we want to fine tune our purpose or leave it open for interpretation once we are here.

Life purposes, despite popular belief, do not necessarily have to consist of your job, you may have a job that hasn't got much to do with your life purpose but you have a hobby that you feel absolutely passionate about. Wherever your passion lies that is where your life purpose is contained. It is up to each individual if they want to make their passion into their profession. For some they are content with having a job and then a passionate hobby for others it is not enough. It is likely written into the life chart as an option to make the dream go big if that is what is meant to be, but even still we do not always listen to our own inner urgings.

Life Purposes are by their very definition complex and organic. They do not fit into any rules each purpose is a result of your many experiences, your plans for this lifetime, your dreams and your goals. It can be a bit daunting to set out and achieve these aspirations but it is well worth your efforts.

When I do a life purpose reading I look into the individuals life chart and read what they have written for this lifetime. What their life purpose is, how it translates into their lives and whether or not I see any blocks in the way of them achieving these goals. It can be helpful to gain such clarity, I wish I had the opportunity for someone to tell me these things when I was new to the path and so I offer this to you. If you are interested go here for your Life Purpose Email Reading. I will tell you not only what it is but guidance on what may be blocking you from aligning with it.

Have a great week,
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Monday, August 11, 2014

Soulmate Love

One of the most commonly asked questions that comes up in my readings is about soulmates. When will I find him/her? Am I with my soulmate? Was my ex my soulmate and I am destined to be alone now? These are all valid concerns. So, let's talk a little bit about soulmates.

First, we must understand what a soulmate is and what it is not. Let us assume for the sake of argument that I am speaking in terms of romance when I refer to soulmates because in truth we can have soulmates that are our friends, relatives or even our animal companions. Romantically speaking, a soulmate is a person that you usually feel an instant affinity towards. You have a lot in common, share similar interests and you are compatible. For the most part! Often soulmates will fall in love quickly, almost as if they are picking up where they left off and many times they have indeed known one another in past lives. This is the essence of the soulmate connection, that your souls are mates, meaning you have met up before, in another time and place, possible more than once.

A soulmate is not someone who is perfect. You will not suddenly shed all of your bad habits within a relationship just because you have met your soulmate, nor will they. Like any other relationship it takes work and it takes your both being healthy people, particularly emotionally. We tend to use relationships to grow and heal past wounds. Therefore if you have not addressed long standing wounds they will surface in any relationship soulmate or not. Finally, although in some cases this is an exception, most people have more than one soulmate, romantically and otherwise. Think of all the past lives we have all lived through, chances are we have loved intensely in most of them or even we can say half of them. I usually see people having at least a few hundred lives, although this does vary. Therefore based on an average persons past activity they have loved deeply and passionately 150 times in the past. Some people might argue that it is the same soulmate pair coming back again and again. I do just do not see this in the readings, it could happen but I have yet to see it. Usually there is a past life or two maybe more that two people shared that create this magnetic attraction we call soulmate love.

Why the strong attraction? Soulmate relationships are often intense and passionate they sweep you off your feet and can be all consuming. Not that you can't fall in love in this manner with someone you don't have a soulmate connection with, you can, we all do. With soulmates however, the fact that you have done this before is an added element of attraction and desire. The desire stems from whatever it was in the past that did not get finished. This unfinished business is important to your soul, and when a person from your past walks onto the stage of your life your soul sends all sorts of signals for you to notice and respond. This is almost always charted, meaning that the two soulmate souls have previously planned to come together and work out whatever it was that was unfinished. There are times too when people just plan to meet again and spend time together once more, to carry over not so much unfinished business but simply the desire to be together again. There are still other occurrences where the two people planned to merely meet briefly, to check up on one another. These reasons are why soulmates feel so irresistible and we are compelled to find them.

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Happy Loving!