Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Truth About Psychics

Recently I tried to set up a store on my website, I offer intuitive readings and spiritual guidance. I also plan on offering ebooks with different spiritual themes. I have an etsy store but wanted my own site for people to go and the store was an after thought really once I saw it was an option. Well, sadly a week later I was told that my store is a "prohibited business" and I had to take it down. Not by the web host but by the company that handles the transactions. Here is a link to their list of prohibited businesses. I am a psychic and that is my "crime". I do not even consider myself a psychic, I am an intuitive, the difference being a slight variation in the way I receive information and more importantly the word psychic has terrible stigma attached to it.

So, now I am lumped into this seedy list of prohibited businesses, weapons dealers, pornographic services, marijuana dispensaries, door to door sales, airlines, bail bonds, counterfeit products, mail order brides, pseudo pharmaceuticals, selling social media activity such as likes on fb, gambling and there's me psychic services. Some of these are bad some of these are laughable, who made this list?

What it comes down to is that very stigma attached with the word "psychic". I literally cringe at calling myself that at times because it is associated with fakes, scam artists and smacks of inauthenticity. It's true that many, many people are not qualified to give readings and do. Those old seances to connect with the dead where the table wold raise up because some moron was underneath it or they had somehow else rigged it makes me laugh. yet it did terrible things for the profession. yet, there have always been and always will be people with sight who can easily enough give the desired information, answer questions, bring in guidance talk to departed loved ones. They usually don't do it for an astronomical fee just enough to live on like anyone else making their way in the world.

If you are skeptical about psychics, mediums and intuitives like myself you should be. There are many who purport to have such abilities but do not. If you are interested in having a reading but aren't sure about it, look for a few signs.

The reader should only need a little information name and birthdate are usually all I ask for. If a question is confusing to me I might ask for some background information but I like to keep this at a minimum. If a psychic is asking you questions beyond the very basics of your question they may be fishing for clues on what to tell you.

The reader gives you vague answers that could be true of anyone.While some guidance is good for everyone it should certainly be applicable to your situation and it it should always accompany guidance that is personalized. Many times when I do a reading I get personal information such as life purpose, past lives, distinctive personality traits. For the reader these sorts of things help you know that you are in the persons energy and really rolling along with the reading and for the querent it is a sign that you are getting authentic information.

The reader tells you only positive things. A reading is meant to be a positive and uplifting experience of course but at times answers to questions aren't the ones the client probably wants to hear. Still, it is the duty of the reader to report whatever they receive good or bad of course with added guidance to help them through the trouble. An inauthentic reader will often say dazzling, unfounded things because they think it is what you want to hear.

Or my favorite, they say there is a curse on you and that you must keep coming back to them in order to lift it. A true reader would never say you have a curse on you because there really are no such things. We have a storehouse of personal power and curses are not able to affect us unless we allow them to. Run the other way if a reader starts talking about curses.

If you want an authentic reading here is my etsy shop I promise to give an honest, truthful, personalized reading, reporting all the information as it comes in and in a timely manner.

It might also help you to now I have met more authentic "psychics" then inauthentic ones, people who do this work as a calling because they truly want to help people and feel compelled to do so because of their abilities.

Jocelyn Joy

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