Monday, August 25, 2014

Past Lives, Who Was I? Why Did I Come Back?

Have I lived before? Who was I? Why do I keep coming back? Have I known the same people I know now as I did in the past?

These are big questions and very important ones. Not to step on anyone's religious toes :) but from what I have seen doing readings and working with guides for many years now, everyone has had past lives. I am sure there are exceptions, I personally however, have not yet seen one. For the most part, we do come back and we do it frequently. This then begs the questions, why?

We come back to get it right simply put, to perfect our souls. Of course, they are already perfect, this is true, but we all must reach a state of enlightenment, a point of evolution where we no longer need to exist in bodies at all. Many people have already achieved this but return in order to help others achieve the same goal. Ultimately, the wheel of karma keeps turning until every soul reaches enlightenment. We are in this together all the way.

As for who you were, this question has many answers, for we have lived many, hundreds or even thousands of lives. Chances are if you feel a draw to a certain time period, country, culture or historical event you are likely remembering a past life. Individually, we come back for many reasons. Most of the time we have unfinished business with people and so we build our life plans around tying those loose ends up. Unfortunately, even the best plans can and do run into some trouble, once we get here to the playing field of life we don't always follow the plan. We get distracted, we get pulled into other directions, we fall into low energy patterns such as alcohol, drug abuse, or other addictions. We can be abused, traumatized, or in other ways damaged so that we are too wounded to try to live out our souls plan. These events result in carry over which means that from lifetime to lifetime we can carry over traumas and other memories that are in need of our attention. Therefore, today, you can still be carrying a wound that you incurred in lets say France during their revolution, perhaps you were part of a peasant revolt and you were killed. While the revolt was an important political event chances are you had a life that didn't revolve around that revolt and it all suddenly ended because of that external factor. Now the people, lessons, plans you had for that lifetime need to be planned again in order for you to finish what you had started. We share many lives with the same people, but it is not limited to a certain group. Anytime your life is cut short by an external factor, a famine, an act of nature such as a volcanic eruption, tsunami, earthquake, fire, and so on, you are murdered, you die of an illness such as the plague, yellow fever, influenza or any of the variety of deadly pathogens we have seen throughout history, these events cut short what we had planned. Many times they will create fears in our present life that we do not understand. Someone who died of food poisoning can have a phobia around germs or food being tainted. They may have digestion problems and other physical symptoms as well. All carried over from the past. If you have a fear of water you may have drowned or otherwise traumatized by water in a past life. A fear of public speaking can have ties back to lifetimes where you were persecuted for your beliefs. You can begin to see the intricate web of connectivity between the past and the present. Imagine, just the baggage you have picked up from this lifetime, now stop and think of all the baggage you are potentially carrying from past lives. All the memories, habits, experiences, all the joy and all the pain. This is why we come in with a sort of amnesia over our past lives. We cannot even truly fathom where and who we have been. Yet, there is carry over in the subconscious that we cannot hide from, it affects us even though we are not aware of its existence at all. Many of your bad habits, beliefs, attitudes and preferences do not come from this lifetime at all, they come from your past lives because who you were is embedded so deeply into your souls consciousness that it can never be erased. It is sitting there, a perfect record of everything you have ever seen, done, lived through and all the feelings that go along with that.

In fact, there is a place where all of this memory is stored, outside of our souls consciousness a place where everyone's memories are stored along with records of everything that has ever happened. The Akashic Records. This storehouse of knowledge is located on the other side, it is accessible to anyone who can enter it, with training I believe we can all enter it. When I first visited the Akashic I was only given access to a small part of it. Later, I was given access to much more and I was shocked to see the immensity of this library, where rows and rows of "books" exist in a multi-leveled building. There are still parts I am sure I have yet to see, it is that vast. When I do an Akashic Reading I ask to see a person's individual record, their book of life. I am then able to view this file of sorts and read it, generally what will come up is the most relevant information to the person. A past life or two and perhaps some information about overarching themes or lessons that need to be known.

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Jocelyn Joy

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