Friday, June 13, 2014

Being Intuitive

The thing about being intuitive, you would think it would really give you a distinct advantage in life. I guess in some ways it does, I can ask for guidance in matters I am stuck in. It sure helps when you lose an item or need to check in on someones intentions. Yet, there are many other areas in life where, at least for me, being intuitive hasn't given me any advantages. For example I can't pick winning lottery numbers or who is going to win a baseball/basketball/football game before I watch it. I guess there are just those things we are not meant to know! That aside, when I started doing readings it was with tarot cards. I didn't have to use much but my mind to do that because the cards had meanings already. Yet, I did start to use my intuitive abilities when I would tap into what all the cards in a spread meant together. That is where the magic starts. I next learned how to do past life readings, where was this information coming from? I was tapping into it, that is one way I explain what I do I tap into energy and read it.

Everything is energy, so to tap into it is something we can all do. I don't have any special abilities other than this, I trained myself to focus on second sight. I was so intrigued by the idea of learning about past lives, that I began to study meditation, practice it and eventually developed the ability to go to the Akashic Hall of Records and read what was there. Through many years I grew and honed this ability. Anyone who is focused and determined can do it. In fact, I would argue that anyone that has a strong desire to be able to read energy is likely someone who will take to it rather quickly. The most difficult challenge is confidence and understanding that while you are intuitive, you can read situations, people and so on you are not always going to be given what the person you are reading for wants to hear. If a client asks a vague question they get a vague answer. The details they may have wanted won't come though. Another important thing to understand is that while you can "predict" the future as it stands today you must also account for the millions of variables present in all situations that can and will alter what you see today. Additionally, if there are energy blocks or some other obstacle we can delay a future path. Free will of others will often cause things to go awry. Once I learned from a psychic teacher that for the most part there aren't supposed to be any murders. That a large majority of the time when someone is murdered it was not their plan, their life was literally cut short including all the plans and goals they had for coming here. This sent my mind racing, other than those who planned it, a small percentage apparently, we can be so interrupted in our life path that we actually die at the hands of another's free will. It is a powerful example in how a future path can be changed by someone else. All of this must be understood when tapping in on energy or else you may doubt yourself. Mainly, what you will learn is there is always more to learn. Be open to that, to taking in new information that may even cancel out old information. We live, we grow, we learn, we evolve.

One thing I find challenging with clients is when they come back and say hey I haven't found the Mr./Ms right like you said I would or I haven't made the money, found the dream job you said I would, etc. Again, no future is certain but what I always say to a query such as that is, why not? It was there and now it has been blocked, why is that? When I give a reading that talks about the future there are often low roads and high roads this means a path that is either of a higher nature or of a lower one. If we walk the lower path we will expedience more obstacles, delays and hardships than the higher one. I generally lay out both because I don't want to try to sell a glossy, rosy future when we all know as brilliants souls inhabiting human bodies both paths exist. Guidance is usually given too about any blocks or obstacles that I can foresee and how to deal with them. If there was one area I wish I could expand on the most it is in how to heal those blocks. Emotional blocks, traumas, unhealthy habits of the mind they all keep us locked in a cycle of sameness. Meaning you won't walk that higher path if you don't break the habit of the one you are on now.

Being intuitive means many things, above all else I think it means being open and sensitive to the energies around us. We all can do that, it just takes focus and dedication to develop and trust in this inherent ability.

Happy tapping!

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