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How to Become Intuitive/Psychic/Calirvoyant

Let me start at the beginning, we are all intuitive. We all have the ability to tune into a sixth sense that guides us, informs and tells us answers to whatever we want to know. The problem is many of us do not trust or even listen to it. We all have guidance around us, I have never done a reading for someone and seen nothing around them, they may have pushed their guides away but they are still there waiting and in any way possible doing their jobs. If you want to increase your own intuitive abilities then, the best way to do so is to stop doubting and start trusting in yourself.


I am sure many people have different definitions than I do for these words so for the sake of clarity I will briefly explore their definitions. According to Websters online:

Intuitive- having the ability to know or understand things without any proof or evidence: having or characterized by having intuition

Psychic- used to describe strange mental powers and abilities... that cannot be explained by natural laws

Clairvoyant- able to see beyond the range of ordinary perception

Ok so we see that while there are some slight variations these words all describe having the ability to see a little more than the ordinary person can see.

Having a sixth sense is mainly about two things, 1) Quieting your mind in order to receive information and 2) Working out your intuitive muscle. So, just like when you lift weights to build muscle here you will be doing the same thing, exercising your psychic abilities. Practice makes your intuitive abilities stronger and more reliable. before you can really practice you must learn to quiet your mind. The mind is an incredible distracting force it can also get in the way by casting doubt or saying disparaging things such as, "you can't do this", "this is all in your head" and so on. Everyone goes through this in the beginning it's normal. Western civilization does not covet such abilities and when we experience them we are taught to believe it is just our imaginations. It is a wonder that anyone breaks through all this negative programming to do so takes conviction and courage but you can do it!

First ask to be surrounded by the White Light of the Holy Spirit, or ask a specific Archangel such as Archangel Michael to join you and give protection. To quite your mind try some simple meditation techniques. Deep breathing, relaxation, and gentle visualization can all help you to stop the incessant chatter of the mind. Next, once you feel suitably relaxed ask your question, for example, "What is My Life Purpose?", or, "Who is My Spirit Guide?"
Sometimes, it can be easier to ask about someone else, "Who is my Daughter's Spirit Guide?",or, "What is My Brother's Life Purpose?". Ask whatever you want to know, you might ask something very simple that requires a yes or no answer, "Should I go out with _____?", or "Should I ask for a Promotion Now?"

Next comes the working your intuitive muscle part. Ask your question and then take a deep breathe and clear your mind, it is the first answer that comes in that will be the most reliable. After that you may start second guessing. You may hear a name given in response to a question about a guide, or a yes or no response. It may accompany a feeling as well such as a feeling of love if it is the name of a guide or a feeling of certainty over a yes or no question. Once you get a little more practiced at going into the "energy", as I call it, of a question you will discover layers of answers. There are a lot of details that come at you when asking a question and it takes practice at sorting it all out and relaying it. If you are doing a reading for another person be sure to give them all the information you are seeing even if it doesn't make sense to you because it usually makes sense to them. Even if at that time it doesn't make sense it often will later. Make sure you are working with a safe person that will give you positive feedback not a cynic, save that for later, after you are more practiced!

Another thing to note is that some people receive answers by hearing words, not so much in your ear but more in your mind. Others receive images, others receive feelings while still others can experience smells or other sensations. This is part of your working out your intuitive muscle you will learn what your ability is, how you receive your information. Everyone is different and most people can pick up information in a couple different ways. I have a close find who has always been able to smell spirits especially those of her departed relatives, she'll pick up a fragrance from perfume that the person wore, or cigar smoke. To me that is miraculous as I get images and sometimes words but not smells. Learn about what you're unique abilities are and experiment with them.

Always remember to surround yourself with protective energies first and make sure that you are in a stable emotional state before doing this practice, it just makes for better and more reliable results. The more you practice the better you will become. Don't get discouraged if it it takes some time, it can take years to really build the intuitive muscle but once you start you will notice a shift and new doors will open!

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