Thursday, June 5, 2014

Energy Blocks

So, I opened a new shop on etsy, and it has been quite an interesting experience. I love adding all the new readings, being able to offer coupons (promo codes) and seeing what everyone else on etsy is selling. It's like a little world in there. I'm getting a lot of traffic but not too many sales yet. Still, I know I am being impatient and that it takes time to build an etsy presence.

What I really want to look at in this moment is how I may be blocking myself from success. Whether it's etsy or anywhere else online or in the the "real world" if we have a block/fear then what we want won't show up. I am bumping up hard against my blocks now. I am over this I want to break through and into new territory we only live once in these particular bodies with these particular circumstances and it took an awful lot to get here. Enough of the blocks and the lack!

At one time our blocks helped us, or so we believe, they kept us out of danger. If we have a block made of fear around failure then by staying stuck and never trying anything new, we don't fail. We also don't succeed! Staying in our stuck places can feel very comforting. I speak from experience I know the stuck places better than the unstuck ones unfortunately. I have dwelled in the neighborhood of stuck places for many years, don't go out wandering around at night man! Still, if you dig deep down you will find an infinite supply of inspiration, guidance, love and wherewithal. I promise, it's there I have discovered it! It is stronger than any fear you have and it can and will change your life dramatically for the better. You will heal, grow, prosper and transform once you tap into your own inner direction and power. This streaming energy comes from source, it is life force, ah the force there that makes the most sense. We must use the force.

These are my thoughts that I ponder, pondering in my empty shop dusting my wares hoping for a sale, no, visioning a sale, lots of sales and abundance and success. Why not? It's just energy but for our blocks we can all have more than enough.

Here's to living our lives and being full and content in this moment now and always.

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