Monday, July 14, 2014

Sending Out An S.O.S. for Spiritual Help

We've all been there, when it feels like the world is caving in on you. Everything that can go wrong has, your car breaks down, your relationship sucks and the dog just had an accident on your new shoes. It often seems like bad luck hits us in heaps and it can really cause a person to feel picked on. It makes you feel alone, forgotten and utterly frustrated at life. This is the time to send out an SOS, the spiritual kind.

I have learned from doing professional intuitive readings, I am not the only person with problems, everyone has them. People come to me with their problems, dilemmas, life long issues, and other related questions and I professionally send out an SOS and get answers for them. Anytime you are feeling lost, picked on, confused or challenged by the difficulties of life you call for help too.

Not sure how to send an SOS to the spiritual realm? It's easy first pick who it is you want to ask to help you, I don't want to tread on any toes here but to give a few examples: God, Mother/Father God, Creator, Guru Rinpoche, Tara, Mary, Jesus, Kuan Yin, any Archangel (Michael is good with emergencies), Vishnu, Kali, Shiva, any animal totem of your choice. It isn't important who it is what matters is that you feel close to them. Next, reach out, send the SOS, ask for help. List your grievances, explain your probelms, worries, concerns, anger, frustration, let it all loose. then let it go and wait for answers or solutions to arrive.

This is where some people get tripped up. They go on complaining, worrying, and being angry, guilty and so on about the mess they are in and they literally block out the guidance meant to help them. Imagine being a guardian angel for someone like this, you hear their prayer, you send them an answer say in the form of a song on the radio, the song is telling them, "Come on Get Happy" or "Shake Your Groove Thing" why? It's supposed to get in and help lift the mood, so more guidance will come in. SOS's are often answered in stages because the problems that we find ourselves in are complex and we need to take a few steps to get out of the mess. The first step is always to change your mood, change the frequency you are broadcasting out to the world. If you don't you will get more of the same. So, imagine once again you are the guardian angel sitting their beside your human, frustrated because he didn't catch the radio sign. Ok you say I will send him a sign in a dream. So you create an elaborate dream with just the words of guidance he needs to hear and what happens? He stayed up late watching netflix and now he has overslept and is late for work and doesn't have the time to eat breakfast let alone remember his dream. Okay 0-2 one more chance you, the guardian angel, tries a more blunt technique this time, while in the elevator at work you inspire someone to say to her friend the exact guidance your human needs to hear. Finally this time he hears it. He even thinks about it as he walks to his desk, then as he sits down at his computer he gets distracted by an email about online dating. He thinks to himself, I will find someone else to share my misery with... Don't be this guy! Once you have sent out an SOS, stop the mental barrage of thoughts about the situation. They will only drown out the signs that are trying to get through.

Next step, once you receive the guidance don't shrug it off! Follow the guidance and more will come. Don't expect your answer to come in a certain form, that is another way that people end up thinking they aren't being heard because when they asked for a raise it didn't come. They may have been given signs for a solid week about a different job that would be far more financially lucrative but went unheard and unseen because the person decided what the outcome of their prayer would be a raise at this job. That isn't how it works all of the time. Sometimes the answer to our SOS is a big change and we can shut out those answers out of fear of change. This is a common occurrence so be open to what you are receiving and if your answers are indicating big changes then pray for help to have the courage to handle them. Pray for it to come in smaller stages and for the process to be one of great peace and joy. Finally, and this is the most important of all steps, trust that the guidance is never ending that you can continue to ask and receive always. That there is an open connection between you and source and not only are you heard but you are answered.  The spiritual help SOS is a line that is always open no matter what time day or night and it is yours to use as often as you require.

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