Monday, August 11, 2014

Soulmate Love

One of the most commonly asked questions that comes up in my readings is about soulmates. When will I find him/her? Am I with my soulmate? Was my ex my soulmate and I am destined to be alone now? These are all valid concerns. So, let's talk a little bit about soulmates.

First, we must understand what a soulmate is and what it is not. Let us assume for the sake of argument that I am speaking in terms of romance when I refer to soulmates because in truth we can have soulmates that are our friends, relatives or even our animal companions. Romantically speaking, a soulmate is a person that you usually feel an instant affinity towards. You have a lot in common, share similar interests and you are compatible. For the most part! Often soulmates will fall in love quickly, almost as if they are picking up where they left off and many times they have indeed known one another in past lives. This is the essence of the soulmate connection, that your souls are mates, meaning you have met up before, in another time and place, possible more than once.

A soulmate is not someone who is perfect. You will not suddenly shed all of your bad habits within a relationship just because you have met your soulmate, nor will they. Like any other relationship it takes work and it takes your both being healthy people, particularly emotionally. We tend to use relationships to grow and heal past wounds. Therefore if you have not addressed long standing wounds they will surface in any relationship soulmate or not. Finally, although in some cases this is an exception, most people have more than one soulmate, romantically and otherwise. Think of all the past lives we have all lived through, chances are we have loved intensely in most of them or even we can say half of them. I usually see people having at least a few hundred lives, although this does vary. Therefore based on an average persons past activity they have loved deeply and passionately 150 times in the past. Some people might argue that it is the same soulmate pair coming back again and again. I do just do not see this in the readings, it could happen but I have yet to see it. Usually there is a past life or two maybe more that two people shared that create this magnetic attraction we call soulmate love.

Why the strong attraction? Soulmate relationships are often intense and passionate they sweep you off your feet and can be all consuming. Not that you can't fall in love in this manner with someone you don't have a soulmate connection with, you can, we all do. With soulmates however, the fact that you have done this before is an added element of attraction and desire. The desire stems from whatever it was in the past that did not get finished. This unfinished business is important to your soul, and when a person from your past walks onto the stage of your life your soul sends all sorts of signals for you to notice and respond. This is almost always charted, meaning that the two soulmate souls have previously planned to come together and work out whatever it was that was unfinished. There are times too when people just plan to meet again and spend time together once more, to carry over not so much unfinished business but simply the desire to be together again. There are still other occurrences where the two people planned to merely meet briefly, to check up on one another. These reasons are why soulmates feel so irresistible and we are compelled to find them.

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Happy Loving!


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