Monday, July 7, 2014

The Wall

For anyone that has done a little inner work you will know what I mean by the wall or often walls. Those pesky things that get in the way of our progress as we reach towards our goals of healing and spiritual progress. Why do they exist? What are they made of? Most of all how can we get through them and live a more uninterrupted life one where the energies of life flow through us and without any obstacles.

These are important questions. I remember seeing my first wall in someone else. It was a boyfriend I loved very much and no matter how much I loved him, he wouldn't let me past his walls. It didn't occur to me until later that I too had walls. Most of us do, I am pretty sure all of us do in some areas unless of course we have worked very hard at healing them.

Why do they exist? That's probably the easiest of the questions, because we want to keep people out. Depending on the size and width of the wall we may want to keep everyone out or just some people. Kind of like having a public or private setting on a social media account. However, we are often not even aware of our walls let alone who we are keeping out because of them.

What are they made of? Traumas, emotional blocks, fears, egoic energy that pretends to be protecting us but is really cutting us off from others and from source. Walls feel like static energy and when you hit one in yourself or another person you will get defensive behavior and resistance. In yourself you will come up with all sorts of reasons why you are behaving this way but in the end if you are resisting something, fearful of it and acting defensive about why you are behaving in this way, it's a wall.

How can we get through them? Here's the important part, how indeed do we move through a wall, let it go, release it. Remember you don't want to label anything in yourself as bad, it is best to accept it even if it is painful and not to reject it. If it is rejected it will only come back in some other way to try for healing and acceptance again. There is the wall, you have identified it you have some idea of what it is made of but you are not sure how to move past it. What the walls within us need the most is for us to see them, for us to observe what we are doing. To see that oh here is some part of myself I have cut off. Why did I do that? I am sure at one time there was a good reason but now it is time to accept this part of yourself once more and to tear down the wall. So that the flow of life can move smoothly through you once again. To do this first you observe, then you accept, next you heal. Healing comes in different forms for different people. Furthermore, the healing that you go through over one trauma may be different than another one. The important thing is to stay open to the process. In order to heal a wall that is made up of trust issues you will have to slowly let down your guard and start making efforts at communicating, sharing and being active with other people. If you have a wall of fear around success you will want to start off by putting yourself out there in small, safe ways to test the waters. Building upon small successes will give you confidence to believe in yourself little by little. If you have a wall of lack, say around making money visualize yourself receiving vast amounts of abundance. Notice any resistance, if there is some gently tell yourself that you are worthy of receiving this. The interesting thing is that you will often uncover within one wall many layers. If you have a wall of lack which creates a shortage in your life often it is because as a child you were told you were not worthy. Even well meaning parents might say something like,'people like us' (insert negative comment). This teaches that you aren't the same as everyone else and whatever it was love, money, social acceptance you are not supposed to be able to have it, and this is cemented into your subconscious. These patterns can be hard to break they are walls for a reason. They have been created by years of hard thoughts, countless thoughts layered one upon another like bricks. Yet you are the only one who can move through them. It is with your thoughts, your efforts at change, your ability to believe in something better, that healing can and will come to you that is what ultimately will move you through any wall once and for all. It takes time patience and dedication but it can happen.

Remember the formula: observe it + accept it + heal it = wall disintegration

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