Friday, August 22, 2014

A Call For Peace

With all the upsetting events in the world today I feel compelled to write a brief spiritual explanation mainly to help myself process everything if this helps anyone else then my endeavor is not entirely without purpose. If you look to history there has always been violence and intolerance. It doesn't matter so much the time or the culture, examples in the ancient world or the modern world are prevalent. We can think of countless examples to bolster such points but what is going on at a spiritual level? There is the clashing of power, the drive for it is something quite yearned for by young souls. Young souls identify with nations and organized religions as sources of identity and strength. Older souls see the futility of such endeavors but are still caught up in the display of events. World events appear to me, to repeat themselves in varying degrees as if they are continual lessons that everyone must take until finally the last of us has had enough.

Have we not had enough?

Why the attack on people who are "different" for being the "wrong" race, gender, having a certain political or religious affiliation, sexual orientation, pick your intolerance? Why? The answer is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of change. If we accept one intolerance then we will have to accept them all and god forbid we do something like that. Fear is a great motivator it keeps people in order the powers that be understand this and they perpetuate fear. But you do not have to listen. You do not have to subscribe to their fear mongering agenda another moment. If there is anything in you that feels that it is wrong to judge anyone for their own personal beliefs, lifestyle, religious practices and so on then follow that feeling. Run with it, take off and change break away from the herd. The world needs you to.

Intolerance must end.

Today can be a day like any other or if you decide it can be a day where you decide to change, on the inside.A day where you decide that you personally, will no longer tolerate the obscene hate filled agenda of the masses. No matter how it is manifesting, through police violence, war, bullying, a racist comment, or the passing down for one generation to the next of a mindset of fear; decide today to no longer accept this. That you are disgusted with this old way of being, you see the power struggle built within and it is no longer ok. It simply no longer resonates with who you are.

One person at a time.

It happens just like that one person deciding that we can't go on this way any longer. One person deciding to choose love over hate,  courage over fear. One person leading by example in small ways, large ways, in any way we can.

Make the decision to change.

Next week will mark the 51st anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's I Have a Dream speech delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. His dream was about racial harmony, but his transmission, the essence of what he was communicating was about total equality, radical  acceptance and absolute harmony for all. His soul was communicating to us these high ideals, a true potential for humanity. It was about letting go of the need for power and surrendering to a higher power. Allowing that to guide us rather than our fears, our hate, our need to be right, to win. Martin Luther King was a visionary and he was killed for it. If that isn't enough to make you want to change I don't know what is.


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