Monday, August 18, 2014

What Is Your Life Purpose?

When I was first on my spiritual path, I remember being gripped by the desire to know what my reason for coming here was, what is my life purpose? I read books on the topic, articles, meditated to get answers. I wanted to know what my individual purpose was, my own challenges, goals and reasons for being here. It can be difficult to find this out for yourself, any reading for yourself can be challenging but at this time I was not practiced in readings at all, I just wanted to know!

I was fascinated by the idea of having a reason for being here. I wanted to make sure that I got busy and did whatever work it was that had brought me here. It wasn't enough to trust I would just be doing it because the truth was at that time in my life I really didn't feel as if I was doing what I was meant to do. That was why I was so curious to find out.

As I learned, we all have a purpose for being here. These purposes are shaped by many things. The unique karmic residue we come in with, the goals we wish to attain, the people we have included in our lives and the lessons we must go through. While a life purpose is usually not likely to change in a lifetime we can move through them and onto something else, we usually reach different levels within them rather than to complete them. Some people have them written in their chart as a word or group of words, such as counselor, caretaker, musician, healer. Others will only have the general field such as, healing profession, music, children. This is because we choose whether we want to fine tune our purpose or leave it open for interpretation once we are here.

Life purposes, despite popular belief, do not necessarily have to consist of your job, you may have a job that hasn't got much to do with your life purpose but you have a hobby that you feel absolutely passionate about. Wherever your passion lies that is where your life purpose is contained. It is up to each individual if they want to make their passion into their profession. For some they are content with having a job and then a passionate hobby for others it is not enough. It is likely written into the life chart as an option to make the dream go big if that is what is meant to be, but even still we do not always listen to our own inner urgings.

Life Purposes are by their very definition complex and organic. They do not fit into any rules each purpose is a result of your many experiences, your plans for this lifetime, your dreams and your goals. It can be a bit daunting to set out and achieve these aspirations but it is well worth your efforts.

When I do a life purpose reading I look into the individuals life chart and read what they have written for this lifetime. What their life purpose is, how it translates into their lives and whether or not I see any blocks in the way of them achieving these goals. It can be helpful to gain such clarity, I wish I had the opportunity for someone to tell me these things when I was new to the path and so I offer this to you. If you are interested go here for your Life Purpose Email Reading. I will tell you not only what it is but guidance on what may be blocking you from aligning with it.

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